Summary of In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart – The Journal of a Priest at Prayer by A Benedictine Monk

In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart - The Journal of a Priest 
at Prayer by A Benedictine Monk, Angelico Press, 2016.


[Jesus]: “Adoration is the wordless confession of My divinity. Adoration proclaims that I am all and that all else is nought” (40).

[Jesus]: “Faith in this mystery of the Most Holy Eucharist grows in proportion to the time one gives Me in adoration” (87).

[Jesus]: “I plead with them to accept My friendship and to give Me each day but an hour of their time… I do ask of every priest one hour in My presence, one hour in the light of My Eucharistic Face, one hour close to My Heart” (123).

[Jesus]: “This is why I so insist on adoration for all My priests. It is the crucible of their priestly perfection. It is the furnace of love in which I purify them like god in the fire. It is the nuptial chamber in which I draw them to My Heart, and speak to them face-to-face, as a bridegroom to his bride, and as a man to his friend” (133).

[Jesus]: “More good can be done in a single hour of adoration than in a hundred days of uninterrupted preaching and apostolic labours, for when you are with Me, I am working in you” (223).

Adoration Chapels

[Jesus]: “You have the privilege and the joy of living with Me under the same roof… Do not treat Me as a guest in the house who remains aloof and distant in a formal parlour, one with whom you dare not share life as it really is. Rather, integrate My Eucharistic presence into every detail of your life… This is My desire for the houses of My beloved priests as well. I want to sanctify their rectories and transform their homes into sanctuaries of adoration and of love” (153).


[Jesus]: “I want you to go to confession weekly. This is necessary for the health of your soul and even of your body. You will experience the benefits of My merciful pardon and the saving power of My precious Blood. Prepare your confessions well. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and repent on the sins that He will show you. The work to which I have called you requires a great delicacy of conscience and an uncompromising purity of heart. So many of My priests have fallen into indifference and hardness of heart because they fail to avail themselves of this sacrament of My mercy. If only they would come to Me often with their sins, I would be able to work miracles of healing and of holiness in their souls! My priests should be the first to seek Me out in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They should be the first to run to Me as soon as they experience the pangs of an uneasy conscience and the regret of their sinful weaknesses. The single greatest service My priests can offer one another is the readiness to hear each other’s confessions and to pronounce over each other the healing words of absolution. In this way, they carry out the example I gave you when, at the Last Supper, I washed the feet of My disciples. Frequent confession, weekly confession is, more than ever necessary to My priests” (79-80).


[Jesus]: “What I want above all else is that My priests be saints, and for this, I offer them My presence in the Eucharist. Yes, this is the great secret of priestly holiness” (14-15).

[Jesus]: “It is in these few precious moments after Holy Communion that My Heart seeks to hold conversation with My friends, but so many turn away from Me to busy themselves about many things… It is in these moments that I am most disposed to grant the requests made of Me in faith” (106).


[Jesus]: “Come to Me and I will speak to you heart to heart, as one friend converses with another. This dialogue of love is essential to our friendship” (24).

[Jesus]: “Put Me first. Put My friendship before all else” (26).

[Jesus]: “This is the secret of priestly holiness: a life of friendship with Me” (28).

[Jesus]: “Do not give in to the feelings of guilt that assail you because you are not living up to the ideal you have set for yourself. I do not ask you to be faithful to an ideal. I ask you only to be My friend and to live at every moment in the grace of My divine friendship. All the rest follows. Perfection is the fruit of friendship with Me, not a precondition for it. You, and many souls like you, are confused about this. My friendship is not earned, it is not something acquired by measuring up to the standards of perfection that you have set for yourself. My friendship is pure gift. It is the gift of My Sacred Heart and I offer it freely” (29).

[Jesus]: “This is the root of the evil that eats away at the priesthood from within: a lack of experiential knowledge of My friendship and love” (31).

[Jesus]: “My Heart’s desire is that all priests should enter into the gift of My divine friendship. I desire that My priests, My chosen ones, should turn to Me in their doubts, their fears, their perplexities, and their weaknesses. I desire that they should learn to share all things with Me. It is not enough to seek Me at certain times only, nor is it enough to share with Me only a part of what they live, or pieces of their existence. To live in My friendship is to share all things with Me, to keep no secrets, to reserve nothing for oneself alone. It is not good for man to be alone” (40).

John the Beloved

“I asked the Lord at length to “johanninise” my soul” (4).

[Jesus]: “I want you to be another John for My Heart” (7).

[Jesus]: “This is the Johannine grace of which I have already spoken to you: friendship with Me, with My Sacred Heart, and a pure intimacy with the Heart of My Mother, like that of Saint John, and even of Saint Joseph” (17).


[Jesus]: “Pray using My Mother’s Rosary, even when you feel that your prayer is empty or mechanical, or when you are beset by distractions” (16).

[Jesus]: “I want you to love My Mother as John loved her – in obedience to My word from the Cross, “Behold your Mother” (Jn 19:27)” (21).

[Jesus]: “Have recourse to her in never necessity of body or soul. Nothing is too small for her. Nothing is too great for her” (33).

Night Vigil

[Jesus]: “There are particular graces reserved for souls who keep watch before My Eucharistic Face during the night. Those who pray by night imitate My own night watches of prayer to My Father (cf. Matthew 14:23; Mark 4:46-47; Luke 6:12, 21:37). How often I would keep vigil in the presence of My Father, conversing with Him in the silence of the night, and taking up into My prayer the secret cares of a sleeping world, and even the groans of creation. You will discover that there is a clarity and a peace in nocturnal prayer that I do not give to souls at other times. Those who have discovered this return to Me by night and seek to remain close to My Eucharistic Heart. The light of My Eucharistic Face illumines them, and the night, thought it be dark, shines for them inwardly. Learn to adore Me by night. I especially desire that priests should come to Me at night. They will lose nothing of their repose, for I will be their refreshment and their rest” (41).


[Jesus]: “When you pray, there is no need to worry about what you will say or for what things you ought to ask. It is enough to come humbly in My presence and to pray as My Holy Spirit gives you to pray. Such prayer is always efficacious because it springs not from you, but from Me, not from what you may desire, but from what I desire to give you” (74).

[Jesus]: “Allow Me to pray in you. Present your heart to Me as a thurible made ready for the sweet incense of My prayer to the Father” (74).

[Jesus]: “A prayer made with sleepiness and distraction is no less pleasing to Me than one made in consolations and alertness” (126).


[Jesus]: “Your most effective preparation for the preaching that I ask of you is your time in My presence. There I surround you and immerse you in My love. Any word spoken out of this immersion in My love will be supremely effective” (168).

Present Moment

[Jesus]: “Live, then, in the present moment. Choose to be faithful to Me in the little things that I give you and ask of you from minute to minute, from hour to hour, from day to day. It is foolish to pin your hopes and to spend your energy on an imaginary good, when the real good that I offer you is here and now. It is not forbidden you to dream dreams or to imagine a future that you think will make you happy — I give you your imagination and I am not offended when you use it. The imagined good becomes an evil, however, when it saps you on your energy; when it drains you of the vitality that I would have you offer Me in the sacrifice by being faithful to the reality that is here and now; and when you use your imagination to flee from obedience and submission to Me in the circumstances and in the places where I have placed you at this time. Plan for the future by living in the present. Open your heart to My voice each day, and cling to the smallest manifestations of My will” (172).


[Jesus]: “Let this be your rule: always present yourself as My priest… The priest is the sacrament of My presence… Display your priesthood… The world needs now more than ever the visible presence of My priests” (51).

[Jesus]: “I want My priests to learn to rest in My presence. There I promise to refresh them in a way that no entertainment, no diversion, no other means can do. Let them come to Me when they are weary and lonely. I will be their rest and their dearest companion. They will leave My Eucharistic presence restored and with their joy renewed. This I promise” (55).

[Jesus]: “Priests are not mere functionaries dispensing the Sacraments; they are not mere presiders over the gatherings of My people; My priests are the friends that I have chosen to be the consolation of My Eucharistic Heart down through the ages” (67).

[Jesus]: “Every priest is called to be a priest adorer” (67).

[Jesus]: “Every priest is invited to experience the most fruitful hours of his ministry in the radiance of My Eucharistic Face” (67).

[Jesus]: “Every priest of Mine is to live for the altar and from the altar” (115).


[Jesus]: “Reparation is at the heart of this work: adoring Me for the priests who do not adore Me; seeking Me for those who flee from before My Face; trusting Me for those who place all their trust in themselves and in the ways of this world. Above all, love Me. Love Me for the sake of those priests of Mine whose hearts have grown cold. Priests must offer themselves as victims for their brother priests. This is how I intend to purify, and heal, and sanctify, and restore the beauty of holiness to My priesthood” (125).

Sacerdotal Pentecost

“Today… the Lord spoke to me of a sacerdotal Pentecost, of a grace obtained by the intercession of the Virgin Mary for all the priests of the Church. To all [priests] will be offered the grace of a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit, to purify the priesthood of all impurities that have disfigured it, and to restore to the priesthood a brightness of holiness such as the Church has never had since the time of the Apostles. This sacerdotal Pentecost is being prepared already in silence and in the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The priests who love Mary and who are faithful in praying the Rosary will be the first ones to benefit from it… This sacerdotal Pentecost will begin from the tabernacle, the tabernacles of the world, as from a burning hearth of charity… The sacerdotal Pentecost will affect first of all the priests who are true sons of Mary, living, like Saint John, in her intimacy, very close to her Immaculate Heart” (9).


[Jesus]: “Learn from My saints. Study them. Receive their teachings. Draw inspiration from their friendship with Me. But do not try to imitate them. Each of My friends arrives at union with Me by the path traced for him by the Holy Spirit. Even when two paths may appear similar, know that they are not identical” (151).


[Jesus]: “One who has not known the joys and the security in love of divine sonship cannot receive the grace of supernatural fatherhood. One learns to be a father by being a son and, even in the perfection of spiritual fatherhood, one remains a little child, a son beloved of My Father, full of confidence in His providence and ready, at every moment, to embrace His Will as it unfolds. So many priests are retarded in the exercise of their spiritual paternity because they are wounded in their identity as sons… I desire to fill My Church with spiritual fathers by healing a great number of wounded sons among My priests” (173).

Time Management

[Jesus]: “Where are you wasting time? What things are you putting before coming to Me in the Sacrament of My love? Are you relying on My grace to make possible what, of yourself and by yourself, you cannot do? Prepare each day more carefully and you will see that it will flow more peacefully, and you will find ample time to remain before My Eucharistic Face” (87).


[Jesus]: “Your weakness is my gift to you. Instead of offering Me your achievements, offer Me your poverty, your weakness, your very failure to achieve great things, and I, in turn, will accept your offering and, uniting it to My own all-sufficient Passion, will make it fruitful for My priests and for all My Church” (115).

[Jesus]: “Many priests are self-sufficient, relying on their natural abilities and talents, and thinking that these natural gifts are sufficient for the success of their ministry. But their idea of success is not Mine. And the means that they would take are not Mine. I can do more with one poor priest who, like the Cure of Arms, is humble and utterly united to Me by ceaseless prayer, than I can with a priest who astounds the world with his knowledge and presents himself brilliant in the sight of men” (120).

[Jesus]: “Weariness and fatigue are no obstacles to a fruitful time of adoration. They are incidental; what matters is the desire to seek My Eucharistic Face and to abide in My company” (158).


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